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This archive is the result of the combined efforts of Keanu fans through the ages, most of whom I do not know. It has in its history passed through many different hands - starting with the Gardeners at the Garden of Keanadu, then to Reeves Drive, then bought over by Club Keanu, and finally here at WINM. The Club Keanu archive is still online; this one originated as a backup for that after CK crashed in late 2008 and I offered to rebuild it, a task that spanned 40 days of near-continuous effort sneaked in between homework. The footprints of those previous archivers still remain in small notes or comments scattered here and there in the articles.

The Club Keanu archive gave me 840 articles; since then, I have been working on expanding this archive, adding new articles whenever I find them. My aim is for this to be a useful resource for Keanu fans both old and new and future, as well as a lasting archive that will preserve the legacy of the amazing life and career of Keanu Charles Reeves.

It is a great tale filled with angst and whoa about the Canadian kid from the broken family who rose to fame through the sheer might of his determination and the persistent will to improve, surviving countless personal tragedies and the relentless mocking of critics to emerge as one of Hollywood's most reluctant stars.

There is something inherently epic about following a life in chronological order over a period of 22 years, seeing not only how Keanu grew up and made his journey to success but also how the media has changed over the years - in terms of writing style, journalistic integrity, and the shift from print to web. Multiple accounts of the exact same interviews also make one realise the extent to which journalists can twist words, and how context is everything - it's kind of amazing how the entire meaning of an answer can change so drastically just when placed in a different context, or when stripped of such essential words as: "he said sarcastically," or "nah, I'm kidding".

(Basically the media twists things. This is most noticeable in those question-and-answer format articles where the author was not on location (sometimes they lie and claim to have been there, but their write-up proves otherwise); the answers were usually given in completely separate interviews to completely separate questions, and as such the answers sometimes come across as a little strange and ill-fitting at best and make Keanu seem rude, ignorant and unintelligent at worst.)

Speaking of which:

NOTE: Not everything in these articles can be taken as fact. For starters - according to Keanu and Hawaiian people - his name is pronounced kay-ah-nu, not kee-ah-noo as the lying journalists with bad hearing claim. No, Keanu never converted to Buddhism; he just has great respect for it. No, he never engaged in naked swimming pool frolics with Sharon Stone, though he later said he wished that were true. Little errors and misunderstandings like that are scattered throughout the archive.

Less heinously, there are the usual typo errors - spelling film titles wrong, spelling character names wrong, the usual drill. It's 'Dogstar', not 'Dog Star' and definitely not 'Lone Star', and I'm pretty sure that it's 'Tod Higgins', with one 'd'. And his parents' names are most assuredly not 'Patricia Cholmondley' and 'Milo'. (Seriously, how do people come up with this stuff?)

So, does this archive have every single thing ever written about Keanu? No, but it is - to the best of my knowledge - currently the largest collection on the Internet. It would be virtually impossible to get absolutely everything, so instead my aim is to provide more of a representative archive that can, when taken as a whole, give a fairly accurate account of Keanu's life.

This also means that this archive includes articles with blatantly false information later debunked in other articles. I kept these in because quite a few had some impact on Keanu's image and how the media perceived him as a result, and were necessary to understand the full picture.

(They also provide a fascinating insight into the way the media works: a simple sentence interpreted wrongly can blow up into a gigantic affair, a single girl's whisper can evolve over the years into a crowd of chanting women, Keanu can be allegedly involved in a gay marriage simultaneously held in Los Angeles, Hawaii, the Hamptons and France, all while he was off working in Canada...)

In short, the process of compiling, formatting and copyediting this archive has been a surprisingly enlightening and educational experience.

So with all that in mind, can anything be trusted at all? I'd like to think that most of it can, even though everything in this archive is the written product of individuals with their own varied biases, agendas, and level of reading comprehension skills.

But then again, Keanu is a celebrity, and as such the only things we know about him are based on the image constructed by the media. For those of us who are not personally acquainted with the guy, that is the only side of him that we know, and it is that image - rather than the real person - that we are either fans or critics of. It's all illusions we recall; we really don't know Reeves at all.

Enjoy the archive!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and views expressed in these articles belong to that of their respective authors. They are not in any way representative of those held by WINM or any of the archive's previous homes. (In fact I violently disagree with several, but in the name of professionalism have attempted to avoid making snide side-comments in the articles themselves except in cases where I really could not take it any more.)

SOURCES: The original Club-Keanu articles archive; saved or cached articles from the discontinued sites KeanuWeb, Keanu A-Z and; the 999 Squares archive; Google News Alerts; helpful people.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has in some way contributed to this collection:

1) Club Keanu, without which this archive will not exist;

2) Fiercelyred and LucaM for saving and sending me the original lot of articles and more, as well as everyone else who has taken the effort to send me articles I did not yet have;

3) All of you who have helped with the translations, either directly or indirectly: keanugirl76 for the Italian and Spanish translations, Fiercelyred for the German and Dutch translations, Sephonae for the Spanish and LucaM for the Romanian; as well as everyone responsible for the earlier-translated articles in this archive. If you were responsible for one of the translations or transcriptions previously up on Club Keanu, KeanuWeb or any other article archived here and would like credit, feel free to e-mail me.

4) The nice people who helped me to type out and/or scan in articles - you know who you are. Especially to HyperCaz, who typed out a very long article only to discover I already had it. Your effort shall be remembered: you will not have worked in vain.

5) Keanu Reeves. For existing. Thank you.