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September 1988Keanu Reeves: Growing Up on the Move
September, 1988Off Camera
September 14, 1988He Just Doesn't Act His Age
September 18, 1988Eye on Keanu Reeves
October 1, 1988 Like a Chinese Menu
Spring 1989Keanu Reeves - the Prince
Autumn 1989Reeves Breeze
January 1, 1989Reeves' Edge
February 1989Keanu Reeves - Hawaiian Punk
March 1989 Peachy Keanu
March 1989Prince of Comedy
March 1989Valley Boys
March 9, 1989Peaking in the Valley
April 12, 1989TV or not TV
April 16, 1989Bill & Ted's Unexpected Blockbuster
20 April 1989Solid, Dude
July 1989An Actor Called Keanu Reeves
August 31, 1989For Keanu Reeves, Angst and Adventure
December 1989Keanu Reeves (say it Key-ah-noo). It means "Cool Breeze From the Mountains"
February 1990The Young and the Restless
April 1990Always Wondrous & Weird & Whatever
April 9, 1990Oddball parts get Reeves' career rolling
May 1990Turbo-Charged and Exploding
September 1990Keanu Reeves
April 1991The Beautiful Outsider
June/July 1991Alex & Keanu's excellent interviews
July 1991Keanu Reeves: An Actor - Three Movements
July 11, 1991The Most Excellent Keanu Reeves Gets Serious
July 12, 1991Keanu Reeves; 'Ted' moves into Hollywood bigtime
July 14, 1991Riding The Waves
July 14, 1991Surprise Hit's Wacky Sequel 'Bill & Ted' in Warp Speed
July 18, 1991Typecasting? Bogus! Keanu Reeves likes Ted but prefers a character change
July 19, 1991The Breeze is Up: 'Bill and Ted' Star Reeves has Two Films in Valley
July 24, 1991Wiped Out by Role, Reeves Dove into It
July 27, 1991Keanu Reeves
July 28, 1991No Bogus Trip, Keanu Reeves is One Cool Dude
August 1991Bill, Ted, Keanu and Alex: 4 Dudes in Search of Each Other
August 1991The Bogus Interview: A Play in One Act
August 1991The Pursuit of Excellence
September 1991Bill & Ted's Excellent Interview